Praise for my Lady Bracknell

Check out Kate Shea Kennon's review of The Importance of Being Earnest at The Counting Squares Theater, where she says:

Last night, at the Counting Squares Production of The Importance of Being Earnest, I added another Lady Bracknell to my Best of Bracknell list. Although the production on the whole veers toward slapstick, sacrificing the compulsory seriousness of the comedy (it is, after all, the importance of being earnest), this Earnest is thoroughly enjoyable, and Haas Regen's Lady Bracknell makes it even more so.

Mr. Regen, who apparently went to the Dame Edith Evans Acting School for this role, is unconditionally and perfectly resolute. His humorlessness adds to the humor of a play the New York Times deemed the greatest comedy of the last millennium. He is emotionless when all around are swirling in inappropriate (by Victorian standards) emotions. Mr. Regen captures the Wilde masterpiece in toto (mercifully there are no drag jokes here) – a Gorgon wearing a lovely 'ladies who lunch' suit.

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