Reviews of Twelfth Night

It seems that people just couldn't stop talking about Fiasco Theater's Twelfth Night @ The Access Theatre!

NYTheater said:

"Haas Regen as Sir Andrew Aguecheek has all the commensurate skills as a clown to pull off this marvelous boob of a character. His work is free and fun to watch."

From A Year of Shakespeare in NYC:

"Sir Andrew Aguecheek, played by a wonderfully campy Haas Regen..."

Let the Idiot Speak, a really cool arts/culture/nonsense blog said:

"Avoiding the standard tack of Aguecheek as an aggressively foolish boor, Regen deploys a hilariously elastic physicality and highlights Aguecheek's naivety, which is hilarious right up until it becomes heartbreaking."

Theater Is Easy also featured a great review.