About Me

I’m Haas. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and lived there until I was six years old. Since that time, I have been fortunate to call many places “home.” An only child, I grew up in Marietta, Georgia, and spent the majority of my early years swimming inside my own head, imagining far-off places and drawing maps of how I’d get there. I took tap and ballet lessons and thought perhaps I'd become a dancer. I also loved writing plays and short stories.

I earned my Bachelor’s from Vanderbilt, where I double-majored in English and Theatre, graduated with honors, and acted in over a dozen productions on and off the university’s main stage. After my junior year, I apprenticed at the Williamstown Festival in Massachusetts, where I glued papier-mâché onto sets, swept the floor after David Hyde Pierce and Marisa Tomei, and pretty much fell in love with the idea of doing theatre professionally. A year later, I moved to Providence to begin training at Brown's MFA Program, where I studied with Brian McEleney, Stephen Berenson, Thom Jones, Stephen Buescher, and many other inspiring teachers.

Nowadays I share a cozy Brooklyn apartment with my cat, Coco, aka “Girly.” Apart from my theatrical pursuits, I'm also an avid lover of classical music and amateur flutist (my vintage Muramatsu, “Jenny,” is pictured above). My family lives on a farm in Franklin, Tennessee; I visit often and rejoice in having the best of both worlds.